Children and coronavirus: Interview with paediatrician Dr Mahesh Balsekar

Is a sterile environment a potential risk? Can a mother infected with Covid-19 breastfeed her baby? Dr Mahesh Balsekar, paediatrician and author of ‘0-2 Baby & You’ has answers, in this video interview.


In an exclusive interview with Express Parenting and Indian Express Executive Director Anant Goenka, paediatrician Mahesh Balsekar addresses parents’ concerns on coronavirus. Children are known to be less infected and exhibit milder symptoms. The reason, he explains, is that children are exposed to more viruses and thus, the Covid-19 does not get easy entry. Data shows that about 10 per cent of children have been affected by coronavirus. 

The author of the book “0-2: Baby & You”, however, agrees that living in potentially sterile environments in the long-term can lead to low immunity, according to the “hygiene hypothesis”. A British asthma expert, he reveals, once remarked that “to avoid asthma, tell your child to play in mud”.

On options for a breastfeeding mother, who may be infected with Covid-19, he recommended that she may be isolated and can express breast milk for her baby. In mild cases, she may even be able to breastfeed the baby, taking precautions such as wearing a mask.

Hand hygiene, sneezing into your elbow, not touching strangers will become part of our way of living, believes Dr Balsekar. Watch this informative video interview for answers to your queries on children and coronavirus. 

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