9 Family-Friendly Jigsaw Puzzles To Keep Everyone Busy & Off Their Phones

When you’re stuck inside with the family, there are only so many things you can do together before you drive each other off the walls. You certainly don’t want everyone to be stuck on their gadgets and phones daily since we need all the human interaction we can get. It’s the perfect opportunity to really go back to the simple things to keep us busy, so it’s time to dust off those old board games, that recipe box, and that yoga mat.

One item that you’ve probably not touched in awhile are some family-friendly jigsaw puzzles, and if you haven’t dug them out, what’s holding you back? The beauty of jigsaw puzzles is that you can keep every age in your household engaged and entertained for hours once they get hooked on a challenging puzzle. Plus, what’s better than some much-needed family bonding? From your preschooler to adults in the house, you can find a jigsaw puzzle to get those gears turning instead of, well, turning into mush. And for adults, jigsaw puzzles aren’t just something you’ll put together and forget about. Many come in art-worthy designs that you can hang up on your walls, so you get to enlist your interior design skills at the same time. Below, we’ve scoped out the best jigsaw puzzles for all ages and interests in your family, so you can all live happily together and connect while taking a much-needed break from technology.

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