21 Baby Boy Names We Swear You Haven't Heard Yet

We fancy ourselves to be collectors of baby names the way some people collect fringed brocade lampshades or taxidermied rodents wearing seersucker suits. So when we come across a handful of rare baby boy names we’ve never seen — and that we think have real potential to scale the baby name charts — we perk up like we’ve just pounded seven consecutive nitro cold brews.

You probably already know that the Social Security Administration (SSA) keeps careful data of baby names — and not just the top ones, as you may have thought. If more than five wee infants have been honored with the same moniker in a single year, the SSA is on it and the name goes into the database. Which is maybe kind of creepy, come to think about it, except baby names yay la la la!

Scary Mommy went digging in the deep dark root cellar of the 2018 SSA baby name files, just to see which names were only used five times last year. And dang, they’ve got some serious charm and je ne sais quoi going on, we’re telling you. There are only so many rhymes for Aiden, people. You’re going to have to branch out from the Bradens and Jadens and Cadens eventually, so why not get a head start on your parent peers? Baby naming is a ruthless game, and these five gems might ensure that your precious bundle of XY chromosomal material never has to be the third of his kind in his kindergarten class (or walking across his graduation stage).

So try these dark horses on for size. Swill them around in your mouth. Practice your rusty cursive. What do you think?

Come on, admit it, you love at least one of these. We sure do. Caz, be a lamb and clear the table, buddy.

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