14 School Supplies That Will Get Your Kid Excited for the New School Year

Are your kiddos excited about exchanging their lazy summer days for going back to school this year? Yeah, ours aren’t either. But you can get them jazzed for the new school year by stocking up on school supplies that inspire them (if for no other reason than to show off to their friends).

But we also know the coolest school supplies can be expensive, especially when you’ve got more than one kid to buy for and they’re all in agreement that last year’s backpack that they just “had to, had to, had to have” is “lame.” And we’re not exactly thrilled about fighting the crowds in the back-to-school aisle either. That’s why we love Amazon (and our Prime accounts). You and your kiddos can surf the web at your leisure (and from the comfort of your own home) to look for all the must-have gear they need while never leaving the house.

To give you a jump start on your back-to-school shopping, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite school supplies on Amazon that are sure to get your little one stoked for the year.

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The Best Crayons

We were all kids once, and we know from experience that Crayola is top of the class. These crayons give your kids’ works of art the vibrant color they deserve. 

Crayola Crayons 24 Colors, starting at $3.22 at Amazon

Bento Lunch Box

The only thing worse than cafeteria “chicken” patties is a squashed lunch. This bento lunch box keeps every element safe and secure (and not touching if your kiddos are so inclined) with three insulated compartments. So you can pack hot and cold food in their lunch at the same time and an insertable bowl for soups, stews, chilies and more. 

Leakproof OmieBox bento box with thermos, $39.50 at Amazon

A Unique USB Drive

These days kids of all ages need some serious tech to get through the school day. But it doesn’t have to be boring. This one has 32 gig and a year warranty (which, let’s be real, is longer than your kid will keep up with it anyway).

32 GB diamond-design thumb drive, $9.89 at Amazon

Monster-Top Pencils

Fun pencils will get your kids interested in taking notes. These are easy to sharpen and the erasers really work instead of just smearing lead like other novelty pencils. And the packaging comes with several pencils to keep your child’s supplies stocked for at least a little while. 

Monster Tip Topz Pencils, $17.76 at Amazon

Stretchable Book Covers

If your kid’s school requires book covers (or even if they don’t), these colorful, stretchy covers will make their books stand out and aren’t a pain to fold and put on. Plus, they can take a lot more abuse than paper covers. They might even last the whole school year.

Stretchable Jumbo Book Covers 7-Pack, $14.95 at Amazon 

Chewable Pencil Toppers

This much we know: kids get restless, especially when they should be paying attention. This fidget spinner-like pencil tipper is perfect for kids with sensory needs or who just tend to get overstimulated. 

Munchables Sensory Toolbox Fidget Pencil Toppers – Sensory Aide (8), $8.99 at Amazon

Glitter Gel Pens

Make taking notes and doodling more fun with this set of 24 vibrant glitter pens, including 11 neon colors. At this price, you can even buy yourself a set. They’re also great for scrapbooking and adult coloring books. 

Super Doodle Glitter Gel Pens Set of 24, $12.95 at Amazon

Glitter Glue

Speaking of glitter, plain white glue will make sequins stick to paper, but glitter glue lets your little one skip those annoying spangles altogether. No more finding yet one more sequin when and where you least expect it.

6-Color Glitter Glue Set, $5.97 at Amazon

A Cute Homework Diary

Get them started on organization early with a fun homework diary. This one comes with stickers, heart and cloud decorations, ball and pony dangles, cartoon cards, embroidered stickers, a clip to keep loose papers in place and six pom-pom bookmarks (!). Let your child customize it however they want before the first day.

Yun’s Cute Planner with Clips Stickers for Girls, $18.99 at Amazon

A Multifunctional Backpack

Kids may be all about what their backpack looks like, but they also need plenty of space for storage and organization. This large-capacity backpack is made of durable canvas and has eight pockets, including space for a laptop and two side pockets that will fit a water bottle or umbrella. And it comes in six colorways, so you’re sure to find one that speaks to their unique sense of style. 

Upgraded Canvas School Backpack Casual Laptop Bag Lightweight Travel Backpack, $24.99 at Amazon

Fun Sticky Notes

Buy sticky notes in fun shapes for your munchkins to use at school or just to write notes of encouragement for their lunch box.

PRALB 20PACK Rainbow Star-Shaped Self Sticky Notes (20 pack), $8.99 at Amazon

Backpack Charms

Let your child showcase their interests with backpack charms featuring their favorite sports, animals and more. But these little charmers aren’t just for show — they also help little hands grip the zippers on their backpacks more securely. 

Hermes AVIRGO Colorful Soft Zipper Pull Charms for Backpacks (set of 6), $6.60 at Amazon

An Inspiring Binder

Everyone needs a reminder they’re remarkable. A notebook they’ll carry with them all day is the perfect place for this uplifting message.

Avery + Amy Tangerine Designer Collection Binder, $7.99 at Amazon

Fashionable Folders

These folders are as cute as they are functional. They have two interier pockets and come with holes prepunched so they can be stored in a three-ring binder. 

New Generation 2-Pocket Folders (6 Pack), $15.97 at Amazon

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