You Need To Watch This Video Of Taylor Swift On Pain Meds After Lasik Eye Surgery

  • Taylor Swift recently got Lasik eye surgery to improve her vision.
  • Her mother took a video of her while she was on pain medicine and shared it with Jimmy Fallon.
  • In the video, Taylor gets upset while trying to eat a banana.

Famous people, they’re just like us. They go to the doctor, they get eye surgery, and then their moms share videos with the world of the hilarious things they say while they’re doped up on pain meds. Okay, maybe not ~exactly~ like everyone, but that’s what Taylor Swift just went through, and it’s everything.

So, Taylor recently got Lasik eye surgery, and apparently her mom helped nurse her back to health…and filmed her freaking out over a banana while on pain meds. Well, Taylor’s mom Andrea decided to share the video with Jimmy Fallon, who played it for the entire world while Taylor was on his show this week.

“Your mom may or may not have videotaped you after surgery and she gave us the video!” Jimmy told Taylor. And then he played it. For everyone.

In the video, Taylor can be seen in her kitchen, wearing a pair of protective goggles that were taped to her head. She picks up a banana to eat it, and then gets super upset when she realizes she grabbed the wrong one. “That wasn’t the one I wanted!” she whined to her mom.

Taylor looked like she was going to cry and her mom stepped in. “Stop, you can’t cry! That’s not supposed to be what you’re doing!” “I tried to get this one,” Taylor said, as she sniffled. “What do we do with this one now?”

“I’ll eat it, it’s fine,” Andrea said. Taylor, still totally upset, said that the banana was already pulled form the bunch and now “doesn’t have a head.”

Andrea gets Taylor into bed and then warns her to be careful while eating. “Don’t fall asleep eating the banana,” Andrea said. Taylor’s response: “I’m not asleep, my mind is alive.”

You can watch the video in all its glory here:

In case you’re not familiar with it, LASIK eye surgery is a popular surgical procedure that’s done on your eyes to improve your vision, according to the National Eye Institute (NEI). During the surgery, a laser is used to permanently change the shape of your cornea (the clear front part of your eye). After having surgery, a person will hopefully be able to stop wearing glasses or contacts, or to at least use them less.

Hilarious video aside, Taylor seems happy with the results. “I really can see very well,” she said.

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