Woman wears hidden camera on cleavage to raise awareness for breast cancer

A woman whose mum had breast cancer twice wanted to do something to get people to detect it early.

Whitney Zelig, 29, from New York didn’t want to just preach about the importance of it so the PR worker devised a plan with her brother to grab attention.

Concocting a social experiment, Whitney implanted a hidden camera on her top with a revealing cleavage to capture how often people stare.

In the video, many men and women can be seen glancing at her breasts as she walks around the city.

She wanted to remind viewers how sexualised breasts are and that while the world is busy checking them out, women should check their own chest too.

Whitney, who felt ‘vulnerable’ making the video said it was worth it if it encourages at least one person to go in for a mammogram.

‘I’m happy I did it because of the positive feedback,’ she told The Mirror.

‘I thought it was hilarious. Humour is one of my favourite things and if we can use humour to raise awareness I’m all for it.

‘If one woman is inspired to check herself or get a mammogram from this video I will be happy.

‘I’m doing it for a bigger cause. This is bigger than the video or me, this is about our mums, grandmothers, children, sisters and friends.’

For Chris, it’s not the first social experiment of this type to raise awareness for cancer. He and pal CJ Koegel created a similar viral clip in 2014 to raise money for prostate cancer.

Chris and Whitney’s mum has had breast cancer twice but has now got the all-clear from her ten-year check-up.

Here is more information on booking a breast cancer screening.

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