Woman has twins with three months of distance to the world

Twins with 97 days of the time difference born

Recently, it was reported about a woman from Bangladesh, 26 days after the first birth twins got. Now it also came in Germany, a similarly rare phenomenon. In Cologne, the twin sisters were born approximately three months apart.

Number of multiple births increases

As in many other countries, there were in Germany in the last years, more and more multiple births. According to experts, the increase with hormone treatments and artificial inseminations could be, but clear evidence for this connection have yet. About 98 percent of the multiple in Germany, the twin births. It is so surprising at first, nothing, if a woman bring twins to the world. But when the children come in every three months to the world, then this is a small Sensation.

The birth of twins is actually nothing Unusual. But when the siblings come up with three months difference in time to the world, then very well. (Photo: Patryk Kosmider/fotolia.com)

The cervix has closed again

In the birth clinic in Cologne-Holweide, a woman twins brought with 97 days of the time difference on the world.

But how can that be? “Liana came on the 17. November 2018, after only 26 weeks of pregnancy and 5 days with a weight of only 900 grams, very suddenly, and early on the world,“ explain the clinics of the city of Cologne on Facebook.

“After the birth of the mother’s mouth is closed, so that sister Leonie on February 22. February has seen the light of the world“, it says.

According to press reports, she weighed at birth, with 3,700 grams, significantly more than your big sister.

According to the chief doctor of the antenatal clinic in the hospital, Holweide, Uwe Schellenberger, were the prerequisites for this birth, a second placenta very well.

The kids are great

The clinics of the city of Cologne, according to such a “two-term twin birth was” very rare.

“The two are (probably) the twins, with the greatest time difference at the birth,” suggests the expert.

“Both of them have developed well and are now quite comfortably at home with their proud parents.” (ad)