Woman dies after Dinner in Valencia for the German star chef: mushrooms cause of death?

After a woman died after a Nobel dinner in Valencia, the exact cause of death remains unclear. The Spanish authorities suspect that she could have a poisonous mushroom dish, a deadly food poisoning captured.

Together with your family, the Spanish woman, Maria Calvo, the delicatessen-menu “, El Riff had,” reports the "Bild"-Newspaper. The various courses included, among others, a Valencian rice with mixed mushrooms. Including: Spring Morels. A little later she was dead. In addition, a total of 30 of the 70 guests of the restaurant should have shown on that day, symptoms of intoxication, however, mostly in the Form of Nausea. Now Spanish Berhörden suspect that the mushrooms could possibly be the cause of Death.

Because raw spring are morels toxic. Before processing, they must be dried and boiled to remove the toxins that are in the flesh of the mushrooms.

Deadly food poisoning by fatal confusion?

However, it could have the tragedy of a fatal mix-up traded. The Spanish authorities are now checking whether he had found between the edible morels, a highly toxic Lorchel. This mushroom looks edible mushroom confusingly similar to, however, is not suitable for consumption. The exact cause of death of the Spaniard is not clear, however.

“In mushroom dishes, chefs are always with one leg in the jail.”

“With mushrooms is not to be trifled with. I would generally advise against it, to serve it in the Restaurant, and mushroom dishes. And if you absolutely have to be on the map, then a warning is necessary,“ advises mycologist and emergency diagnostician René Schumacher.

It confusion was increasingly in danger of “poisonous look-alikes,” said Schumacher. Every single mushroom needs to be carefully and stored manifests inspected. “In mushroom dishes, chefs are always with one leg in the jail.”