Wife is being bullied in gym nasty – then a Stranger is great for you

As a woman completed a new membership, and for the first Time in the gym, trained, used to other visitors of your insecurity and make fun of her. After another member decided to noticed, step to the man!

New year, new Motivation – therefore early start of the year, many people with sports, and register as a member in a gym. This was also the case of a young woman, who took the new year as an opportunity to do something for your Fitness. However, the other members of the fitness clubs made it easy.

On the platform, “Reddit” where people anonymously from their personal stories and experiences, told a User their story that he had heard from a friend. This was posted on Facebook and the Reddit User had copied them on the platform.

A woman began to film

“This Morning, I was in the gym and a group of two women and a man have laughed openly about another woman, who was obviously new and uncertain,” said the man.

At first, he didn’t get the nasty Cussing at all really, since he had worn headphones. But then he watched drew as one of the women your cell phone and the woman began to film. “The woman you made fun of me, noticed it and was close to tears,” he wrote. “You left the treadmill and went to the Changing rooms.”

"When I got back to the locker room, crying Frau"

It was too much for the observer, and he interrupted his Training to follow the bullied woman. He asked them to wait and informed the Manager of the Studio about the incident. “When I came back to the locker room, cried the woman, and told me that she knew, what would you do here, but would try to learn it.”

She wanted to start to train, as they had only Recently lost a parent because of a weight related heart attack. And since her doctor had told her that she would expect the same fate if they wouldn’t do anything against your Obesity, you make want to start a Sport.

The memberships of the bullies were dissolved

He had encouraged her to see her Training with him to continue and promised her to support you. He could move well in them, because he was only a year before at a similar point.

She took up his offer and had, according to his story, the Rest of the training, a Smile on his face. The three memberships of the bullies had, however, been permanently resolved. “And I have a new girlfriend,” he wrote.

He appeals to all

“I know that it is frustrating when the gym is crowded early in the year, but it is hard to imagine what we can have for an impact on the development of other people.”

Then he is still an appeal to all: “Please, help others to feel welcome. You must not even talk to them. Smiles or nods at you. We are all there (in the gym), to help us improve.“