Whitney Way Thore Cries as She Meets Her Ex-Fiancé’s Baby: It’s ‘Bittersweet’

Whitney Way Thore is feeling "overwhelmed," but finally has some closure after meeting her ex-fiancé's baby for the first time.

The star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life had a shocking 2020, when, after quarantining during the pandemic away from her fiancé Chase Severino, she learned that he had cheated on her with another woman who was now pregnant with their child. Severino and his girlfriend welcomed their daughter Aurora in September, and Thore struggled to deal with the end of her engagement, as well as news of the baby's arrival.

But Thore decided to comment on Severino's social media post announcing the birth of Aurora, and that led him to call her so she could meet the baby in a video call, which she does in this exclusive clip from Monday's episode.

"I was surprised when he messaged me and said he wanted to talk. Cause I didn't expect that," Thore says, crying. "I didn't think he would like that. I didn't think he would call, I didn't think he would FaceTime, I didn't think he would show me his baby. And that makes me feel really good."

As she FaceTimes with Severino, Thore makes sure that Aurora, who arrived a few weeks early, is doing well, along with her mom.

"What a sweetie," she says of Aurora.

"I feel honored, to be like, part of this conversation and have him showing me his child," Thore says. "Like I feel like there's an amount of trust that's going into this. I mean I feel overwhelmed, I think with a lot of emotions, but I feel happy."

Thore says that talking to Severino and meeting Aurora gives her a sense of closure.

"I mean, to see him and this beautiful little baby, I mean, yes, it makes me happy, just to see him," she says. "He cut his hair and he looks really good, and the baby's beautiful and just cute, and this moment is more than I could ever ask for."

Reflecting on the moment, though, Thore says that her feelings are complicated.

"I've never really seen him look so happy, and I think I can be happy for that and be hurt at the same time. I don't think I have to feel all one way or the other," she says. "It's like a bittersweet [feeling], you know, but I don't hate him. I just don't."

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