What’s Your Hydration Situation?

Water temperature matters.

You already know the importance of good hydration and drinking your eight glasses of water per day. But did you know that the temperature of your water matters? It actually can make a difference to your training. A  study undertaken on behalf of Thermos found that cold water actually makes you stronger and faster, showing that drinking cold water (around 4°C), as opposed to room temperature water (22°C), reduces heat-related stress on your body and improves performance.

This is great news for runners, triathletes and anyone whose exercise program includes cardio, weights and strength. Basically, all of us. So, we’re doing a deep dive into the pool of high-tech hydration bottles from Thermos® Brand to find out why quality should matter to women who care about doing their best – for themselves and for the planet.

The environment matters.

A BYO water bottle isn’t just convenient, it’s environmentally responsible. Figures show that 480 billion plastic bottles were produced globally in 2016 and 80% end up in land fill. Sadly, many of these end up in our waterways, oceans and on beaches, posing serious threat to wildlife, their habitat and water quality.

Quality counts.

Not only are single-use disposable plastic bottles an environmental menace, they’re also false economy because they crack, leak and need regular replacement. It’s a bit like shoes – the cheaper they are, the faster they fall apart. Why scrimp and cost yourself more in the long run when you can get a bottle that not only lasts, but is great to use?

Thermos® Brand water bottles are made from durable stainless steel inside and out, and their clips and nozzles are tested for quality, durability and longevity. Thermos™ vacuum insulation technology ensures maximum cold-temperature retention, so your water stays cold for up to 20 hours. The practical and hygienic one-handed push button lid with locking latch means the lid stays put, but it’s also super easy to open with one hand. (Great when you’re on the treadmill and need to cool down!)

The flip-up carry loop makes it simple to transport, and the sweat-proof design won’t leave condensation rings on your desk. Yes, they might cost a bit more up front than a flimsy plastic water bottle, but once you work your Thermos® Brand Hydration Bottle out on a cost-per-use basis, you’ll be in the black in no time (and probably wish you did it sooner).

Hey, good looking…

When you do good you feel good – and the same goes when you look good! Thermos® Brand hydration bottles come in a great range of colours you can match to your gym bag or handbag. New colours include Royal Blue, Aubergine, Smoke and Cranberry as well as the classic Stainless Steel finish.

Visit www.thermos.com.au for the full Thermos™ range.

For more information, visit https://www.thermos.com.au/

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