This intense fitness class will get you ready for your skiing holiday

Working on balance, endurance, flexibility and coordination, each exercise has been carefully selected to mimic the movements and the training regime of a professional skier.

But prepare yourselves. F45 is a notoriously challenging HIIT workout – and if you’ve never tried anything like it before, you might be in for a shock.

What is F45’s Mont Blanc?

F45 is a HIIT class. High intensity interval training – with an emphasis on the high intensity.

The structure of the class is simple – 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest – for 45 minutes in total.

The class is broken up into nine stations – each with a different move – and you complete each station twice before moving on to the next. You complete the whole set twice in the 45 minutes.

The moves include everything from squat jumps to burpees, bike sprints to bunny hops, weighted lunges to glute bridges – a real range that works every muscle in your body.

Despite a packed class, it’s almost impossible to get lost.

Giant screens tell you exactly how long you have left on one move, show a video demo of how to do the move and even tell you where you’re going next – it’s organised chaos at its very best.

There’s also a live DJ blasting serious tunes throughout, so if the burpees don’t wake you up – the noughties R’n’B and dance hits will do the trick.

The best thing about the class is the targeted focus of the moves – everything you do has skiing in mind. It’s refreshing to participate in a class with such a clear, singular focus and it can really help keep you motivated when you start to flag.

‘Mont Blanc will get even the most experienced snow-goers ready for a trip to the slopes,’ explains Antony Burton, head trainer at F45 London Bridge.

‘It combines explosive conditioning exercises with plyometric movements to get your body fired up and prepared for shredding down the mountain.

‘Exercises such as the sandbag clean is a great example of an explosive movements; you use the full body to powerfully drive the sandbag from the floor to the shoulders, that converts well to the powerful energy required on the slopes.

‘Combine this with a metabolic conditioning exercises like a burpee, another full body movement, which will work the heart and lungs for those multiple trips up the mountain and hours spent on your feet.’

F45 is now the second largest functional training network in the world, with 1,500 franchises across the globe.

New F45 centres are set to open this year in Holloway, Kings Cross and Shoreditch – so there are plenty of options if this kind of class sounds like your cup of tea.

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