Tap water or bottled water: An expert explains the difference – Video

The Germans love the water and the divorce about the ghosts: Which is the healthiest? A consumer advocate, explains the difference between bottled and tap water.

Water is for our life is essential for the metabolism only works if we have enough fluid in the body. A minimum of two liters on the day you should drink daily in order to support important bodily functions such as digestion or blood transport. Many swear on bottled water from the supermarket. 143 liters of bottled water were consumed in the past year by each German citizen on average. But is bottled water actually much healthier than water from the tap?

Consumer activist Daniela Krehl explains: tap water is the most controlled food in Germany. Although it is quite, there are differences in the taste, the quality of the tap water anywhere. It is important mineral-containing substances to the body.

However, they may differ by region. Anyone who takes up about a vegan diet low in calcium or Magnesium, you should search for the suitable mineral water in the supermarket that contains these minerals. Bottled water is also for many the taste more appealing. So, for example, the tap water in Bavaria due to its high calcium content, is for some “hard” taste. Best offer on BestCheck.de

The water from the faucet, however, has a price advantage and the environment is much friendlier, since about of the Transport is eliminated. The expert says: Ultimately, the consumer must decide for themselves what kind of water he wants to drink. The most important for the health of it is, ultimately, to provide the body with enough water whether from the bottle or from the tap.