So you come to kiss her – Video

“If she says ‘maybe’, then you kiss it simple,” so simple the flirt expert Mathew Lovel explains the procedure of the first kiss. FOCUS Online shows which characters are important and why the husband of a beloved does not irritate.

So I seduce a woman properly! Mathew Lovel, professional, Flirt and Dating Coach and author of the bestseller, “woman hero”, explains what are the Basics for the woman conquer are essential. This Time the expert gives tips on when and where the right Moment for the first kiss. Because here is a lot of skill.

How to do this and how you come to elegant and or embarrassment to the target, reveals them for the flirt expert in the Video.

The right time for the first kiss

The all-important question: when is the Moment for the first kiss? For many, this is the biggest hurdle of all. If you have already done it, which is always the crucial question: Is it ready for the first kiss, and when she is ready?

This kiss initiate, many men the flirt, according to experts, the question as to the right place. You are unsure – because the woman should feel, after all. The man should make sure that he can build up close to her and no embarrassing situations can arise. The expert advises the use of a “comfort picture” corner, where both of them from prying eyes protect. “It is important that the first kiss is an intimate affair, don’t want to live out some women in the Public. If you take into account that, you have a better sense of how, when and where you should do it.“

How to initiate the first kiss?

The place is so instrumental in whether the kiss happens or not. So, if you have found a quiet and cozy place.

How you initiate a kiss, and what is the flirt coach advises you to go for the previous body contact, you will also see in detail in the Video.


In principle, there are several ways for a kiss to initiate. The flirt coach: &quot says;One of them is that I approach in the course of learning a piece to know physically. The first kiss does not happen from the distance. It is already closer. You are sitting next to each other, it has also been contact with the body. Perhaps with the page. And maybe you have also been the Arm around you. A great possibility is that it comes closer and test if she’s letting you kiss her, maybe on the neck. You can do this by stroking the hair off to one side or smells what you smell, and give her a compliment that you smell good."

The man himself seems aware of

First of all, so easy to test the waters and to test if the woman allows. You do, you can put everything on one card.. However, the expert has a tip on how both to deal with a rejection.

“When I’m up close and they look a little critically and you realize you want to withdraw or you want to reject it, then you can play. You can slide them back and say: Hey, what are you doing? Did you want to kiss me? The atmosphere in a funny Situation and shows her that he wanted to kiss her. That is self-aware, which is good. Women like when men want you and the show. That’s not bad. On the other hand, it gives him the opportunity to withdraw and to try again later. It is, in any case, so that the man needs to go to this 80 per cent, and not getting irritated that the woman hesitates on the last 20 percent of a bit. Here you have to take male dominance and Initiative, and you grab and pull.“

What to do after the first kiss?

It is so far. The course and the end of the kiss now determine whether more could happen… How man should look after the first kiss behavior, says the Dating Coach: “What happens after the kiss? A very elegant and charming way, if I give the woman after the kiss, a compliment, for example, that you tell her: You taste good. Or: Wow, that blew me away now. Something what the woman is communicating that it is very beautiful, what you just felt.“

“Because the woman takes the uncertainty which it has, without a doubt. You the question is: Was the kiss good? How will he find me? And to give the woman the feeling that you have felt as comfortable, is for women a very good feeling.“

The woman after the kiss questions

For all men who are not able to implement it yet so self-conscious, to just kiss the wife, if you have the feeling, the flirt expert advice: “as soon As a bit of a rapprochement has taken place, and you come closer, you ask the woman in a gentle, soft tone: do you Want to kiss me? If you do that and she says Yes, then you kiss them. If she says Maybe, then you kiss them. And if she says: not Yet, not now or not here, then pulls back simply elegant and tried it again five minutes later.