Snow shovelling is not for heart patients risky

Who occurs in the freezing cold in front of the door, and when Inhaled, pain or a Burning sensation in the chest feel, better consult a doctor. Because it could be an attack of cold angina, a sign of a serious heart disease.

Winter cold is the heart. The freezing temperatures constrict the vessels, and the heart has to pump blood against an increased resistance. "The vessels are damage already, can the to a blood circulation disorder führen", Professor Dr. med explains. Detlef Moka, Chairman of the professional Association of German nuclear medicine physicians e. V. (BDN). A resultant lack of oxygen manifests itself with sudden shortness of breath, Burning, pain or feeling of pressure in the chest.

Whether there is indeed reason for concern, clarifies scintigraphy, a so-called Myocardium. The investigation can occur as an outpatient, and whether and to what extent the nutrient supply to the heart muscle is restricted. To do this, the Patient receives a weak radio-labelled drug in the vein injected, which accumulates temporarily in the heart muscle and the oxygen saturation reflects. "So we can the extent of the circulatory disturbance bestimmen", explained Moka. No abnormalities, the risk of a heart Attack is blood vessels even in patients with narrowed coronary with almost 99% certainty be excluded.

About a Million people in Germany suffer from constricted coronary vessels, the so-called coronary heart disease (CHD). Who already knows that he suffers the vessels of the narrowed coronary arteries should avoid physical effort during a Cold spell. "Sports only indoors and the snow and chipping the other überlassen", Moka advises.


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