Rhabdomyolysis: If Sport is dying

Sport is murder – the maximum absolute sports usually say. But the 17-year-old Jared Shamburger was actually due to his intense strength-training sick – even deathly ill.

Overexertion can be dangerous

Together with his family of the Texas Teenager had completed a new membership at a gym. His father and his older brother worked for years on Weights, now Jared wanted to get in the strength sports.

With youthful Exuberance, he went to researchers at the Weights and was neat Gas. Heavy Weights, many repetitions, long Workout – Jared was dreaming already of his Mega-biceps and, with a father and a brother.

After the Workout his arms were sore swelling were added to this extreme. At the mere touch of his arms ached, he also had difficulty lifting. Can muscle soreness be so painful?

Rhabdomyolysis: Rapid diagnosis is important

Jared’s mother was at the sight of her son’s Concerns, and informed himself on the Internet. On the basis of his symptoms, the suspicion that Jared could be suffering from rhabdomyolysis.

She called the house doctor of the family, made sure that Jared came quickly to the hospital. Five days, the Teenager had to stay there and be treated. His mother would not have switched so quickly, it could have been even worse, possibly even fatal.

In the case of rhabdomyolysis, the striated muscle fibers, resulting in dangerous enzymes get into the bloodstream, and iron is released.

A dangerous complication that can arise is the kidney failure. To rhabdomyolysis, it can only come through excessive Zeal in their Sport, but also by injuries, and as a result of operations.

If you’re in pain after an extreme load Sport, it is a warning. A typical Symptom of rhabdomyolysis is also a red-brown colored urine.

It is important to drink a lot. In the case of severe pain and swelling, you need to go for safety’s sake, a doctor.

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