Prosecutor: 25 people were Killed by the Wilke-Wurst?

Due to the Listeria germs, closed sausage manufacturer Wilke defends itself in court against authorities ‘ orders. But he fails with his application for a temporary injunction. Details for the first time known, what is found by the auditors during their inspections. In the case of germ-contaminated sausage from the manufacturer, the public Prosecutor’s office in Kassel is now examining the cases of death and disease.

"If indeed there is a causal relationship between the infection and the death is and what are the disease symptoms suffered by the Infected by the listeriosis, is now ermittelt", justice spokesman Andreas Thöne said at the request of the German press Agency. The cases should be checked for a criminal offence.

According to Thöne, an anonymous list with the previously known disease cases was forwarded to the legal Department of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin. On cases of disease with the germ stem &quot be recorded;Sigma &1quot;, the would be brought in direct connection with products of the company Wilke. Of the 37 Infected with an average age of 74 years, 25 died are now.

The RKI but only the three already known death cases, a correlation between "Sigma &1quot; and death answered in the affirmative. The investigators have to go now. "If indeed there is a connection, not from a Prosecutor’s point of view so far, and needs of the Aufklärung", Thöne said. Because all of the deceased had partially had significant other diseases, "the quite alone, deaths können&quot had been;.

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