Pain and tension: First aid for the back

So to prevent back pain effectively

Millions of Federal citizens will always suffer from pain again-to-back. In most cases, the discomfort associated with muscle tension related. Movement helps the pain to prevent. Health experts still have questions more tips for the prevention of, and responses to emergency.

Back pain are usually due to muscular

Back to become a popular disease are pain in Germany. Although the complaints may have, in some cases, psychological causes, but according to health experts, about 80 percent of the back suffering, muscle-related. This is partly due to the widespread lack of movement. Experts advise not pain at the cross to save too much, but to move on a regular basis. Regular exercise can also contribute to the prevention of complaints.

Back pain are widely used. Health experts explain what you can do about it and how to prevent. (Image: fizkes/

Such as back pain

As the HKK health insurance company explains on its website, in most cases, the muscles of the back tension that cause back pain.

Muscle tension, in turn, are often the result of unilateral or cramped postures, unusual movements, Stretching, strains, but particularly also as a result of Overuse of the muscles due to prolonged Sitting.

And also due to Stress it comes to Overuse, because our body is “programmed”, that the muscles increases in a dangerous situation, your basic tension unconsciously.

So we can react faster – and, for example, to escape. The same reaction occurs also in the case of a strong psychological stress.

Conservation does not lead to more mobility

What can you do against back pain? According to the health insurance Fund in many cases it is useful to a Discharge position. Thus, the pain to leave.

However, should the pain not to the inertia force. Because conservation does not lead to be moving.

Specifically, relaxation techniques and stretching exercises as well as heat that relaxes the muscles to help with pain also.

If the discomfort does not subside but, caution should be drawn to half of a doctor.

In some cases, immediately to the doctor

As the HKK writes, you should immediately consult a doctor if at the back of the following symptoms pain in addition, to occur: fever, paralysis, numbness.

According to the experts, the pain, the movement are completely independent, and pain that occur after an accident or fall, the same applies for back.

And also young people under 20 years of age, as well as people who suffer from an inflammatory rheumatic disease or osteoporosis, should go in case of severe pain to the doctor.

An important Council of the health insurance Fund: If the pain does not subside after three days, you should go in any case to the doctor.

What is a witch shot is actually?

As lumbago (Lumbago) is a sudden very strong pain in the lumbar spine.

The causes can be many and varied, and are often in the actual Situation are difficult to find. However, generally speaking, in most cases, muscle tension play a role.

Important to know: In General, it is the typical lumbago-symptoms of a herniated disc.

When a herniated disc is a phenomenon of Wear that is often initially painless, The intervertebral disc that lies between the Vertebrae and thus the “suspension” provides, pushes into the spinal canal in the space in which lies the spinal cord.

Also in the case of “sciatica” is a complaint, and not a specific disease. As a sciatica back referred to pain radiating from the hip area, starting in the legs.

In Ischia, single or multiple roots of the nerves are irritated, which are for the transfer of information in the legs are responsible for pain.

Complaints prevent

But how can we prevent back pain the best?

Movement is, according to the HKK, the elixir of life for all of the elements of the back.

Without regular stress on the bones, muscles and ligaments can atrophy really. The Interaction device from the clock and, subsequently, send the nerve pain signals.

Therefore, no estimates on the duration of the better back pain as a regular and, if possible, a variety of movement and Sport.

The experts suggest that The more movement there is in principle the better. At the best the movement or sports should be selected, which makes a the most fun.

Everyone should try to incorporate as much movement as possible in the everyday life, for example, by the stairs is taken instead of the Elevator.

In addition, there are certain sports that have a particularly strong effect for the back. These include Swimming, Climbing, and Nordic Walking include.

Relax and de-Stress

Also relaxation techniques such as Yoga or Tai-Chi can help.

In this gentle movement exercise is not only about moving more, but it is also in the foreground, to move differently. In principle, these methods lead to a better coordination and body awareness.

Specific Exercises to train the back muscles is especially effective. Add to that the gentle movement exercise removal is very effective for the stress. And Stress manifests itself pain in the back.

Also in everyday work, some of it is to be observed. After all, many people spend their working day primarily in a Sitting position.

Long, rigid Seats, but is actually an unnatural position, and debited to the spine and back muscles and makes you sick.

As the HKK explained, a remedy is the so-called dynamic Sitting is possible. It changes as often as possible his sitting position.

Exactly the support ergonomic office furniture, for example, with a resilient backrest. In addition, it should also be in a professional environment, any possibility of movement used. (ad)