New study: sleep disorders increase the risk for heart disease

Everyone knows him: This is the Moment when the longed-for sleep just will not come.

While most of the catch up on the Missed the fact that you go the next day to bed earlier, and so regenerate, suffers roughly a third of all people with chronic insomnia.

A large-scale Chinese study of nearly half a Million participants, was published in the journal ‘Neurology’, has now demonstrated that these people have a greater risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Insomnia makes you sick

Who does not sleep enough, which increases the risk for cardiovascular disease.

This is the result of the researchers after they studied there were 480,000 people with an average age of 51 years, more than a decade. The participants were regularly asked whether they had in the past week symptoms of insomnia.

This includes problems in falling Asleep, constant or early Waking and difficulty in concentration the next day include. These were matched seizures with data on heart attacks and strokes; in the course of the study 130,032 patients of this life-threatening events lived through.

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Earlier, and save ID’s life?

Bad news for poor sleepers: Who show all three symptoms of insomnia, the risk of serious cardiovascular disease increases by 18 percent.

For those who can regularly Wake up too early and not go back to sleep, the ratio was still rather high, at around seven percent.

According to study author Dr. Liming Li of the University of Beijing, the relationship in younger adults is increasing. It also provides opportunities for early detection, so Li lie, however: “If we treat those who suffer from sleep problems, with behavioural therapy, could we heart prevent attacks and strokes in later life.”

A disadvantage of the Chinese study: it shows a link between insomnia and cardiovascular diseases, cause and effect have not been, meanwhile, is explored even further.

In a researchers, however, agree: a Healthy, adequate sleep is vital to us all.


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