New Inhaled Parkinson’s Medication Receives FDA Approval

The current drug of choice for Parkinson’s disease is the combination medication, carbidopa/levodopa, but unfortunately, it comes with some limitations. Patients with Parkinson’s taking carbidopa/levodopa experience what is called an “off” period, where the medication becomes less effective and disease symptoms become more obvious. These off periods may occur unpredictably and can cause a huge problem for those with Parkinson’s.

Luckily, Acorda Therapeutics just received FDA approval for Inbrija, a new inhaled medication specifically used to treat those “off” periods.

What is Inbrjia indicated for?

Inbrija is the first and only FDA-approved inhaled medication for the intermittent treatment of “off” episodes that occur with carbidopa/levodopa use, ensuring that patients have continuous treatment for their Parkinson’s symptoms.

Inbrija is to be used on an as needed basis and does not replace carbidopa/levodopa. During an “off” period, patients are to inhale two 42 mg capsules through the inhaler. This dosage can be increased to a maximum dose of 84 mg (4 capsules) per episode if necessary. The maximum recommended daily dose of Inbrija is 420 mg (10 capsules).

What are common side effects of Inbrija?

Common side effects of Inbrija include cough, upper respiratory tract infections, nausea, and change in the color of patients’ saliva or spit.

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