Muscle-Mind-Connection: More muscle in power of thought?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is credited with the following quotation: “The body is very important, but the spirit is STILL more important than the body.”

Can you think of stark? There is, unfortunately, but who wants to see a strong biceps, you should in addition to muscle training is also mental forces prevail. How exactly is that supposed to go?

Behind the Muscle-Mind Connection

It is important that you meet the Training just Weights lifting what keeps the stuff, but that you can feel the contraction to the muscle and to keep up the tension. For this you have the movement slow and controlled and without momentum run.

“This results in the often described Pump and the muscle burn, that should motivate every strength athlete, the more repetitions of the Exercise to get” – quoted image of the Berlin fitness coach Flavio Treppner.

Only this concentration and control is to allow the Workouts to optimally perform and to feel for yourself when you make mistakes.

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The power of thought increases Motivation

Anyone who follows his Training by this mental technique and refined, can feel exactly when the muscle reacts with a Burning sensation. Here the point is reached where you really progress – that is why you should not stop, but as long as more is not more, until it is;

The technology alone is not according to the Treppner course, that you can make it through effortlessly. Who have enough bite, the power of thought, let me help: “to want the fun of The Training and the Desire, feel the body, as well as a principle of ‘Higher, faster, further’setting are the key to the power of sport tied up and to have success,” says Treppner.

Tips on how to Connection strengthens the Muscle-Mind

In order to improve the strength training in this way, you should:

  • Movements slower run, because we can observe them better and more consciously perceive
  • a good warm up before the Workout, after all the preparation improves the blood circulation and thus also the connection between the head and the body
  • isolated Exercises and repeat instead of complex Sets run
  • the muscle tension is most intense and at the most relaxed point and the muscle to contract

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