Model Belle Lucia — Who Was Shamed for Her Small Bump — Shares ‘Pregnancy Transformation’

Belle Lucia

Model Belle Lucia is already feeling back to normal just a few weeks after giving birth.

The new mom, 22, welcomed her first child, a boy, at the beginning of October, and is showing her full transformation through almost all 40 weeks of pregnancy — and after one week postpartum.

Lucia posted a video with glimpses from each week of pregnancy, starting with week 15 and going all the way through her first week post-birth with her newborn son, whose name she’s keeping private.

“How great is the female body!” she wrote on YouTube. “All pregnant women are beautiful and all bumps unique!”

Lucia also shared a portion of the video on Instagram, and her followers were amazed by her weight loss after just one week. The lingerie model said that she wasn’t trying to lose weight.

“I haven’t done anything to lose weight apart from breastfeed. It’s just happened naturally,” she told one fan.

Belle Lucia

Lucia told another commenter that she’s not working out; only breastfeeding. But, she made sure to tell another commenter — “everyone’s journey is different.”

One fan speculated that Lucia was able to lose weight quickly because she didn’t gain much during her pregnancy. The model had dealt with body shaming for months because of her small baby bump, but she clarified that by the end, she had gained around 20 kgs., or about 44 lbs.

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“More than average,” she said. Lucia added that she doesn’t typically weigh herself, and only knew she gained that much because of her doctors. “I don’t own scales and only found out I put that much weight on at the midwives during my last checkup.”

Lucia also dealt with some body shaming— this time for her postpartum body rather than her pregnancy shape. After sharing a photo from her pre-baby modeling days, a commenter said that she’ll “never get back this body sorry for telling ya.”

“Sorry for telling ya — I actually am back to this body,” Lucia clapped back. “My boobs are just bigger from breastfeeding. And it wouldn’t matter if I wasn’t back I created a life.”


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