Liposuction should be Fund performance

Liposuction for women with lipedema Fund performance

Some people spend a lot of money to go through liposuction lose weight. The insurance companies will pay for these costs. However, for some patients, the so-called liposuction is supposed to be according to the will of the Federal Minister of health in the future Fund performance.

Abnormal Fat Distribution Disorder

Nearly three million women in Germany suffer from a sick, fat distribution disorder (lipedema). “This is due to a circumscribed, symmetrical subcutaneous fat tissue underneath mainly the lower, in 30% of the upper extremities,” explains the German society for phlebology (DGP) on your website. One of the therapy options is the so-called liposuction (liposuction). The cost of the therapies are not currently met by the health insurance Fund. That should change soon.

The disease occurs exclusively in women

According to the DGP, the disease occurs exclusively in women. “The victims may feel in your quality of life is severely limited,” write the experts.

“This is partly a result of the appearance, i.e., the increase in volume and the Disproportion between the upper body and the lower half of the body, on the other hand, the Affected &#8211 suffer; in particular, in warm weather, after prolonged.Stand or Sit, as well as in the evening &#8211… due to the Edema, a feeling of tension with touch and pressure pain“ from it.

The information suggests that the pain can be described predominantly as a dull, oppressive and heavy. Are localized the Lipödeme predominantly at the upper and lower legs.

The feet are usually free of swelling.

Liposuction can help patients

Liposuction is one of the ways for the treatment of Lipödems.

But: “The cost for Liposuctions are NOT as a rule (!) of the health insurance companies are not accepted, since it is a performance in the sense of the performance catalogue of the insurance companies,“ reports the lipedema help Germany on its website.

“The amount of the cost for 1 liposuction from one doctor to the different and amounts to approx. € 3.900 € to approximately 5,000 euros,” explains the Association.

Fast and unbureaucratic assistance

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to help women affected as soon as possible and, above all, unbureaucratic.

According to a notification by the Ministry of an Amendment to the date of service and supply was introduced the law that must be from the Parliament.

In the result of the liposuction for lipedema has to be right regulation, then insurance.

“Up to three million women with abnormal fat distribution disorders do not suffer on a daily basis including the health insurance pay for your therapy after a court judgment. We want to help them quickly and efficiently,“ says Spahn. (ad)