Kate Hudson’s New Obsession – The ‘Mirror’ Workout

The promising Raising Helen actress Kate Hudson has been shedding some serious sweat as she approaches the target to bring back her slimmer version. She recently created a buzz on social media by posting details about her latest obsession – no! it’s not her baby girl Rani Rose, it’s a Mirror!

You might be wondering what exactly is this Mirror! It’s basically an advanced workout product that appears like a mirror but in reality, does way more than that. This high-tech equipment works like a home gym and plays on-demand live classes in different genres like strength training, boxing, pilates, yoga, and cardio. All the workout categories have multiple levels which can be selected on the basis of one’s own capability – be it a beginner or an expert.

The Mirror is designed to create a virtual workout studio without actually going anywhere and the concept works as a blessing for those who struggle with finding a motivation to hit the gym. The coolest feature of this super convenient product is that you can see yourself and the fitness instructor both at once.

Coming to the price of Mirror, it will cost you $1500 to bring this friend home with an extra monthly price of $39 to access the classes. Probably this is the reason it has become a thing of celebrities! But it’s not that only they can afford it, many other people have been using it and flaunting their new home gym on social media apps. Considering the convenience it offers, it’s actually economical in comparison to a gym membership.

Maybe a few months later, Kate will come with an Instagram post, posing with the mirror and the caption will be – “mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fittest of them all?” Oh! our pleasure Kate!

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