Improving patient outcomes and clinician productivity

With the widespread digitization of patient health records, traditional paper and film-based records have been replaced with Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Whether your organization is a large clinical practice with multiple locations, or a single facility hospital or an accountable care organization, EHR solutions can help you streamline workflows and improve your ability to care for patients.

Vendors such as Epic and MEDITECH offer complete software solutions that help patients’ records follow them from the physician’s office, to the hospital, and to all of the other places where they receive care. Through the use of desktop and application virtualization, access to patient information is simplified from various devices.

But to make the most of today’s innovative EHR offerings, IT teams often resort to piecing together custom infrastructure solutions using separate servers and storage to deal with the need for improved application performance, coupled with the increased complexity and large volumes of information that must be stored and managed. Unfortunately this siloed approach is sub optimal, very complex and time consuming.

Web-scale foundation enables better choices

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is the ideal infrastructure solution to address EHR requirements as it improves care provider productivity and significantly decreases risks with one-click operations, non-disruptive life cycle management, while providing patient privacy and data security. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud provides a dependable platform whereby clinicians and IT staff can focus on care delivery instead of day-to-day operations.

The Nutanix solution is based on Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), where Nutanix software consolidates servers, networking, enterprise block and file storage, and virtualization into an unified platform, all of which is managed through a single interface, called Prism. Nutanix provides rich management for data protection, automation, networking, and security services. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform enables you to virtualize your EHR environment using your choice of hypervisor (Nutanix AHV, VMware vSphere, Microsoft HyperV) while taking 80% less space versus traditional architectures. 

Scaling is simple with Nutanix, enabling you to go from pilot to production and beyond without re-architecting or incurring any downtime. Healthcare organizations get a standardized, repeatable, and cost-effective solution for EHR application VMs deployments with predictable performance and scalability.

Secure patient access and data security

Nutanix was engineered with a secure-first approach to provide end-to-end intrinsic security measures without requiring the deployment be re-architected as nodes are added. The platform stays secure and compliant while meeting the highest government regulations. Nutanix security automation is always-on
and will bring baseline configurations back into check without any additional work from IT admins, closing those security holes, and making compliance audits a breeze.

The HIPAA capable infrastructure, with features such as two-factor authentication, is instrumental in providing secure EHR patient access.

Choose simplicity

The Nutanix web-scale architecture goes well beyond hyperconvergence by offering you the ability to start small and simply scale to tens and hundreds of nodes, while giving you a simple and efficient way to manage your entire environment. With Nutanix Prism, you get one intuitive console to manage all of your servers and storage, with actionable stats at your fingertips, cutting the time spent managing your infrastructure by 50% or more.

Prism Central extends this capability, allowing you to manage your entire infrastructure for EHR across multiple sites from one centralized location. By giving you access to detailed and correlated information for all VMs, compute, and storage, Prism simplifies and speeds troubleshooting, enabling you to locate bottlenecks in minutes, versus hours or even days with traditional server and storage solutions.

To find out more about Nutanix’s solutions, visit Table Top 02 at the HIMSS Australia Digital Health Summit on November 21.

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