High-consumption country in Germany: citizens drink a bathtub of alcoholic beverages per year

Germany remains, according to the new Yearbook, Looking at the topic of alcohol, a high-consumption country. According to the most recent calculations for 2017, drank German citizens per head of population, around 131 liters of alcoholic beverages, and informed the German main office for addiction issues in Berlin on Wednesday.

The goods of the quantity and about two percent less than in the analysis for the year 2016. The slight decline to leave but no all-clear, as it says in the Yearbook. 131 liters correspond to about a bathtub full of alcoholic beverages.

The legal drugs of alcohol and tobacco, according to the main point, as before, for the most part, the problems of addiction in Germany. The consumption of cigarettes has fallen in 2018 by nearly two percent. More smokers than cigar earlier, cigarillos, and pipe handles.