Here’s How The March Super Worm Moon Will Affect Your Horoscope

Big news, stargazers: There’s a full moon going down on March 20 that’s guaranteed to be gorgeous and significant.

It’s called a “super worm moon” (or “full worm moon,” depending on who you talk to), and it’s the final super moon of the year. So if you missed January and February’s supermoons… you should probs mark your calendar now, just sayin’.

Backing up a sec: A supermoon happens when the moon is closest to the Earth, explains Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta.

But wait, what’s a worm moon?

This supermoon is called a super worm moon because of the time of year when it’s happening. “The weather thaws snow, and rain brings worms to the surface of the Earth,” Page explains. 

During this time, the moon may also appear brighter and huge (as long as, you know, the weather isn’t crappy), according to the Farmer’s Almanac. This super worm moon is special because it coincides with the spring equinox, a.k.a. the start of spring in the US. Oh, and btw, the last time these two big events coincided was in 1981.

What does the super worm moon mean for your sign?

The super worm moon is happening at a degree of the zodiac called the “Aries point,” which represents high visibility, major world events, and news that everyone will be talking about, says Page. On a personal level, it’s all about finding your place in the world and thinking about how you can be seen by others. 

Mars and Venus are also square for this full moon, which can make relationships feel extra sexy, Page adds. There can be underlying friction, so, heads up, there may be a lil’ fighting in your future. The super worm moon can also increase your awareness of the areas in your love life where you feel like you’re not getting what you want. You’ll get the urge to figure out how to change that ASAP.

Everyone will feel the super worm moon on some level, but Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will feel it most, Page says.

What does the super worm moon mean for your future?

So…the super worm moon is going to stir up some ~deep~ thoughts that can impact how you act over the next month and beyond. You’ll have a craving to get more out of life, which means you might start mulling over changes in your job, your living situation, your hobbies, and pretty much everything you do.

Fun, right? While that might sound intense, it’s not all work and no play. You’ll also want more balance between doing things for others and taking time to do you. That can cause a shakeup in your relationships—especially if you tend to be a giver 24/7. But, hey, your self-care is #worthit.

Ultimately, the super worm moon will help open your eyes to the status quo (maybe it’s time to challenge it?) and get you thinking about how life can be even better for you. And really, that can only lead to good things.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US. 

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