Health Apps as a major fitness trend

Whether climbing stairs, walking the Dog or vacuuming: With electronic measuring devices around the wrist or on the chest, you can constantly count steps, measure heart rate, sleep phases, analyze, or fat metabolism observe. In the event information is the world’s largest Fitness trade fair, Fibo (9. to 12. April) in Cologne, are new developments, this is particularly high in the course.

The Sensors one of the new inventions are in a rather unusual place: in the middle of the ear. The company Jabra has developed a wireless Headset to make phone Calls, listen to music, and Pulse. A special App shows the user the current data. The product is aimed at runners, triathletes – and, apparently, wealthy Amateur athletes: 200 euros will cost the headphones.

Individual training programs and competitions

According to a study by the industry Association Bitkom of 2014 almost 13 percent of the German a digital device that measures steps and calories burned. In order to become from the Trend of the sporty gizmos that manufacturers such as Polar or Apple offer for individual training, not suspended, also fitness studios increasingly on innovations. The company Technogym has developed a Software, which scales the data from private running training, digital Body cross-trainers in the gym in a Cloud bundles. An individual program will be in the Studio without a Trainer, explained a staff member at the booth. If all devices are from the same manufacturer.

The company Myzone wants to entice you with a modern type of group training, the sports enthusiasts to the gym, says Manager Mike Leveque. His company has developed Sensors that can measure the health data of multiple athletes Training on the cardio devices at the same time, on a giant screen in real time and displays it into a social competition: Who has the lowest pulse? Who has burned the most calories? The fitness members have achieved a goal, you get a T-Shirt or water bottle as a gift, so the idea of the concept. “The figures serve as currency and to bind the customer to the Studio,” says Leveque.

Programs, however, are not a substitute for your own Sense of

Technical motivation to contribute-candy, actually, in better health, can lead to some of the Fitness Apps, however, is the exact opposite. This is evident from a recent Test of the “Computer image”. The magazine tested several popular programs for Smartphones and other devices. The conclusion: With the high level of the proposed Workouts, especially beginners to be overwhelmed, in part, individual’s physical features were short, health problems would not be recognized, says, “the Computer image”-editor Thomas vattrodt cast. A suggested 20 pull-UPS for a beginner – a clear Overload. “Beginners should be the Exercises from the experts, before you grab the App. After all, some beginner’s plans could even bring real fitness pros to their limits.“

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Sports scientists see the similar. Although health could find Apps, especially those with access to the Fitness, to come in so still in contact, says Ingo Froböse, Professor at the German sport University in Cologne. But the programs also carry the risk, the control of the technology, to depart, to lose the own sense of the body and over, he explains.

The body’s reactions and one’s own Feelings in sports is still the best inspectors: “The programs allow us to believe that what we can measure, is an accurate statement about our athletic Fitness,” says Froböse. “In fact, these Apps make but only a few of the factors for the guideline, other abilities focuses on the technology in the corner.”

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