Girl Scout Remixes Cardi B's 'Money' to Sell Cookies, & We Are Impressed

Every year, we wait for “cookie season” with empty tummies and bated breath. I mean, Girl Scout cookie season is without a doubt everyone’s favorite season. And while we don’t need any added incentive to buy these sweet little snacks (this writer currently has four boxes on order), one young troop member is making sure we don’t forget to snag some Thin Mints and Samoas — this amazing Girl Scout remixed Cardi B’s “Money” to sell cookies.

Color us impressed.

The girl, identified by NBC 12 as Kiki P., sits among towers of cookies while the popular song plays. Kiki then goes on to recite her new rap lyrics. “Look, my troop is all bad. The Juniors are real. Black girl magic. You know the deal.” Kiki then goes on to disclose the location of her troop, her history with the organization — “been in this game since 2014 — and, of course, she mentions some of her fave cookies.

“Woo! Thin Mints are the best. Savannah Smiles delish. Do Si Dos are all the bliss. Tagalongs divine. Toffee-tastic blows my mind.”

But why spoil the song when you can watch — and listen — for yourself? Check out Kiki’s sweet, cookie-slinging skills.

Of course, we aren’t the only ones who loved Kiki’s song. Cardi B apparently enjoyed the remix. The rap star retweeted the video on Monday with the caption, “I want all the cookieshhh,” and — in less than 24 hours — the post has garnered over 70,000 likes. So watch the video. Share the video, and order some Girl Scout cookies… because we know you need one box — or six.

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