Frank Elstner in Parkinson’s disease

To rumors about his health condition, TV presenter Frank Elstner, now for the first time. He had Parkinson’s disease, said the 77-Year-old in an Interview with the weekly newspaper The time.

Elstner, many as a "Mister Wetten, dass..?" known, made his disease so public. "Except for my family and my best friend, I have erzählt&quot it so far, anyone;, he said in the Interview. "I’m trying to take the thing as light as possible, and not sink into self-pity." He wanted to try to live with the disease. This is him doing well, even if it is not foreseeable how the disease develops.

In Parkinson’s patients suffer from a decline of cells in the brain, dopamine. This messenger is playing for the Transmission of signals, an important role in the control of body movements. The consequences of this defect are expressed from person to person in different ways.

The early signs include impairment of the Riechsinns, sleep disorders, or a quieter, expectant voice at the end. Noticeable physical limitations, or for Parkinson’s disease patients are typically viewed as Tremors, and the inability to move can occur only when the disease is already longer. For the treatment of the symptoms of different medications are available. Cure Parkinson’s, not yet.

Known to millions of viewers Elstner was, as he was in 1981 with the mission "Wetten, dass..?" in the ZDF, Europe’s largest TV show on the screen, and for six years chaired the discussion. He created and many other television shows, and moderated, presented later in the First, the shipment "You Understand Fun?" In recent years, he turned also animal movies for südwestrundfunk.


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