‘Excruciating pain’: Emilia Clarke recalls injury that left part of her brain ‘missing’

Emilia Clarke recalls ‘most surreal moment’ of her life

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The star had only just finished filming the first season of Game of Thrones when she was struck with the first of two aneurysms. The condition, that causes blood flow to the brain to cease, can inflict long-lasting damage to the organ. Emilia revealed that a substantial portion of her brain is missing, since the events.

Emilia said: “I had a couple of brain haemorrhages. You gain a lot of perspectives and it puts your head in a different place when dealing with the juggernaut of being in a successful show.

When asked about her stroke symptoms, which she suffered in 2011 and 2013, Emilia responded: “It was just the most excruciating pain.

“Huge vomiting, trying to regain consciousness […]. I kept trying to say ask myself all these questions. I hilarious keep saying lines from the show in my head.”

The actress was only in her early 20s when she was struck by a hemorrhagic stroke, where a vessel ruptures, letting blood seep into the brain.

“The amount of brain my brain that is no longer usable, it’s remarkable that I am able to speak, sometimes articulately, and live my life normally without no repercussions,” noted the star.

“I was part of a really really small minority of people who can survive that.”

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