Dream body with 50: Jennifer Aniston swears by interval fasting

Interval fasting is a growing Trend. Whether 16:8, 5:2 or 10 in 2 – over a longer period of time for a food break, has not the reputation to help with weight loss, but also to be good for health.

More and more celebrities are resorting to short-term fasting to get in shape and to stay that way.

Among them is also “Friends”Star Jennifer Aniston: The 50-Year-old relies on the 16:8 method and Cardio units for your dream body, how you according to ‘The Sun’ to the U.S. Medium of radio times has revealed.

So healthy interval is fast

In the case of the 16:8 method of fasting for 16 hours a day, in the remaining eight hours are you allowed to take food.

Fasting helps not only proven in losing weight and fat burning boost, but lowers according to a study by the blood pressure.

Another plus point is that With the temporary renunciation of food, the probability for Diabetes, cancer and heart diseases will be reduced.

No wonder, then, that the intermittent fasting at the end of the celebrities, the Trend has become.

Jennifer Aniston’s in the morning, only coffee and juice

Jennifer Aniston sets out to set the fast time on the night and the Morning, and to move the Breakfast to the rear.

She takes in the morning instead, only liquids such as coffee or a celery juice: “I noticed a big difference, as I was 16 hours without solid food out of come am,” she told the magazine.Picture gallery: These Stars have successfully removed

Also, fellow actress Reese Witherspoon, with the help of Aniston for the new series “The Morning Show” in front of the camera, swears on the interval fasting after the 16:8 method: “I drink in the morning, a green Smoothie and a Cup of coffee,” she agreed Jennifer.

In addition to the interval fasting Jennifer Anniston with Cadio units keeps on a spinnin degree or the treadmill fit, at least for 20 minutes a day.

It is important to listen to your body and treat yourself to a break.


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