Diet, carbohydrates: 18 the case of Yes-no questions tell you whether or not you eat right

The real Fattening hot carbs, especially dangerous in bread, Pasta, rice, soda, sweets and sweet fruit. And you can make the body properly hooked on the fast energy kick. How do you recognize whether you are affected.

Fact: The consumption of carbohydrates has doubled in the last few decades. Nutritionists see this as the true cause of the worldwide epidemics of Overweight and obesity. The limitation or waiver of carbohydrates is much more difficult, than, for example, fat save.

Sugar belongs to the carbohydrates

Because the so-called easily digestible carbohydrates have real potential for addiction. They produce in the body a blood sugar spike, the perception of some people as a real “Kick” – and, in turn, in the decrease cravings.

Easily digestible carbohydrates are found in sugar, fructose and the cheap süßmachern Isoglucose, fructose-glucose syrup and corn syrup, as well as the usual Suspects such as white flour products and sweet drinks.

The carbohydrate-Kick can be addictive

Many people who are constantly struggling in vain against Obesity, so in reality a Problem that you can’t satisfy your Craving for carbohydrates. You can test to carbohydrates your relationship and answer the following 17 questions with Yes or no. The Test comes from the guide “The 8-week blood sugar diet” by Michael Mosley – here at Amazon to order

1. You eat in most days for at least five servings of carbohydrates (sweets, bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, cereal)?

2. Do you feel immediately after the consumption of sweet, starchy or easily digestible foods for a reward response, a “Kick”?

3. Frequently drink sweet or sweet tasting drinks, including fruit juices and drinks with artificial sweetener?

4. Snacking often between meals?

5. Eat three or more servings of fruit a day?

6. Are your meals from foods with easily usable carbohydrates, and a lot of starch, including whole-grain versions?

7. Eat often large portions?

8. Eat often, if you are disappointed, under pressure or in dispute had, and then feel better?

9. Do you feel often not really satiated and satisfied, even immediately after a meal?

10. Stimulates the sight or smell or thought of food often to eat, even if you just eaten or not hungry?

11. Lose temper often and eat a lot more than you wanted to? Especially, if it’s Snacks, Junk food or Sweet? (It can also be uncomfortable, Nausea, or vomiting.)

12. Food stands in the foreground? Think of you often during the day to eat?

13. Justify you Access often by “only once” or “later I’ll eat less, /to start a diet or I work by Sport again ab"?

14. Eat sometimes secretly?

15. Eat sometimes late in the evening or at night, a trifle?

16. If you at night to Wake up, treat yourself to a Snack, like a cookie or piece of chocolate?

17. They often have feelings of guilt or a bad Conscience because of their eating habits and eat the same thing again soon?

18. Do you often have cravings for carbohydrates or feel shaky, irritable, anxious, or have a sweat, if you no carbs?

Resolution: Count, how often you have answered

0 to 3 points: No sign of an Addiction. You can live without carbs is also good and probably have quite a healthy attitude to food.

4 to 8 points: you could be a carbohydrate addict. You like carbohydrates, can control yourself but apparently. However, the Demand is increasing with time to the carbohydrates and then the self-discipline is always more difficult.

9 to 13 points: Moderate carbohydrate addiction. You eat significantly more than is good for them and they feel probably bad about it. You are likely to be most of the time hungry, you need to think about food and able to control your cravings sometimes difficult.

14 Points: Severe Carbohydrate Addiction. Avoiding carbs is very difficult for you. You are probably constantly hungry, constantly thinking about food and are plagued by a bad Conscience and feelings of guilt. You are probably insulin resistant (metabolic syndrome). In view of the amount of carbohydrates you eat and your unhealthy relationship with it, is your Diabetes risk, if you are not sick already. Regular inspection would be strongly recommended.

The 8-week blood sugar diet by Michael Mosley


The doctor, Michael Mosley presents its plan for success against type 2 Diabetes and Obesity. The book is published in Goldmann-Verlag.

In the future, less carbohydrates eat

To reduce carbohydrates is not so easy. The Western kitchen is extremely carbohydrate heavy, in the Restaurant you get a dish without or with only a few of these nutrients. At best, you reduce your carbohydrate consumption slowly and eat more protein and fibre-rich vegetables, as it provides about the Mediterranean diet.