Diet: be careful when eating Zucchini

In the case of Zucchini from the garden, the hobby gardener knows what is inside. Pesticides, such as sometimes in the supermarket vegetables, there are self-grown product anyway.

Nevertheless, the zucchini eating from the self-cultivation can be harmful to health or in the worst case, even fatal! This is due to a naturally occurring toxin in the vegetable.

The First Warning Signs: Bitter Taste

The first bite of the in-house Zucchini-stew already tastes bitter, exercise caution. In the vegetable namely Curcurbitacine could be included and even the heat when cooking is not taking you to the harmful effects.

This bitter substances are harmful to the gastric mucosa and can cause in extreme cases multi-organ failure, said Rudolf Pfab, a Toxicological expert from Munich to the Portal “”

Risk of poisoning gardening Small

Cases of poisoning are not plants after the consumption of poisonous Gourd in Germany atypical. Nausea and diarrhea are the first signs of such poisoning.

In some cases, the Toxin is particularly drastically, which is why you should consume a bitter Zucchini not easily done. The state office for health and food security observed that very often small gardener poison unknowingly, if you use seeds from their own breeding.

In Heidenheim a 79 died last year, after he had complained of severe stomach cramps. Previously, he had eaten a casserole of home-grown Zucchini.

These Zucchini are safe

Zucchini Fans can breathe a sigh of relief: You don’t have to completely forego the use of his favorite vegetables. From commercial Zucchini, the Toxin is bred out already.

The vegetables from the supermarket is therefore generally considered to be safe. The Zucchini is firm and neutral to slightly sweet in taste, breeding, assume that there are no poisonous are bitter and contain substances – also in the case of the self..

When growing in your own garden however, there may be mutations, whereby the poison is formed. A special danger exists in the immediate vicinity of Zierkürbissen: the proximity of The pumpkin can trigger growths in zucchini plants in such a dangerous backcrosses.

Experts warn, therefore: In no case should you use seeds from your own garden to keep growing!

Better on the Zucchini?

You pay attention to warning signs on the Toxin, are Zucchini, but extremely healthy. The contained Calcium, iron, and Magnesium are valuable components of a healthy diet. The vegetables in trängt to a slender line: One medium Zucchini contains only about 31 calories.

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Olivia Samnick

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