Colloidal Silver – The Application Of

Table of contents

  • Colloidal silver has a triple
  • Application of Colloidal silver in times of Flu
  • Colloidal silver in the holiday
  • Application of Colloidal silver
  • Should you inhale Colloidal silver?
  • Daily application of Colloidal silver possible?
  • Colloidal silver is safe?

Colloidal silver has a triple

Colloidal silver is a colloid. In a colloidal Silver are tiny silver particles, which move due to their electrical charge each other and therefore in a floating state. The silver particles are very much smaller than, for example, a bacterium. Or put another way, the tiniest bacterium is still 2000 times greater than a silver particles in Colloidal silver.

The smaller the silver particles are, the higher the effect of Colloidal silver is, because it is particles of the silver, then the easier it is to succeed, in the harmful bacteria, viruses or fungi to penetrate and to destroy them.

While antibiotics usually only work on a single mechanism, the Colloidal silver in different Ways. It is the genetic material of the intruders, and also their vital enzymes and last but not least destroyed the last of the Colloidal silver makes the cell membrane permeable and in this way leads to dehydration of the cell. Because of this multiple attack strategies do not succeed, it is bacteria to develop the Colloidal silver resistance. At the latest then, when antibiotics fail, the time has come for the Colloidal silver.

Another possible area of application of Colloidal silver are virus-caused health problems, such as persistent colds and influenza.

Application of Colloidal silver in times of Flu

Colds and influenza, with a runny nose and cough, are rarely triggered by bacteria, but by viruses. Antibiotics do not help against viruses, and are therefore not in a runny nose, cough, and hoarseness.

The application of conventional common cold medicines is not satisfactory at all. You fight to be better than the symptoms but not the cause of the action.

Therefore, they reduce pain, reduce the healing a fever, and, consequently, the painkillers usual side effects. They block the cough center in the brain and constrict the blood vessels, so that the nasal mucous membrane swelling to go down.

Cough and runny nose but have a sense of purpose. Mucus should be removed from the respiratory tract. The cough reflex is blocked by the application of Cold remedies, remains of the mucus in the lungs and bacteria find an ideal breeding ground.

Also, nasal sprays are not necessarily harmless. You can lead with frequent use, damage to the nasal mucosa.

Meanwhile, must beat the immune system, sought to assist none of the cold remedies that the virus and possible bacterial secondary infections.

The application of Colloidal silver would be better? The colloidal silver would tackle the Problem at the root, and both the viruses as well as bacteria to combat it. The immune system would be relieved. Pain and fever don’t even have to show up in the first place. Also, the mucus formation would be reduced by the application of Colloidal silver, because the mucus only, with the aim to create viruses and bacteria from the body.

If colds then choose the holiday to drive up to mischief, it would not be a bad idea to get the Colloidal silver from the case – if it was Packed, and save the holiday. In the holidays with a cold, however, is still one of the most harmless things that can happen.

Colloidal silver in the holiday

Imagine, you are in the well-deserved holiday. Your immune system the food is not there, the numerous stinging and biting insects, and not even the local bacteria of the world to come. Sick it is so fast.

Particularly in the South, it is rapid and gastro-intestinal infections and skin diseases ( staphylococcal infections ). Of course, you have in your Luggage antibiotics. But what to do when the rampant germs against antibiotics resistant? Then you go to the doctor.

Maybe he gives you a different antibiotic. If you’re lucky, it fails. If not, one tries to identify which bacteria you are infected. A laboratory then tests, which antibiotic might help against your bacteria at all. The evaluation takes three to four days.

Who is sick, but wants to try multiple antibiotics – which have a proven all adverse side effects – even in the waiting room of any of the Doctors sitting and not days, to endure, to finally is resolved, which medication will help. Anyone who is seriously ill, needs help immediately.

Colloidal silver can offer this help. Because bacteria resistance against colloidal silver are up now. Colloidal silver has, therefore, in urgent situations immediately and easily – and without the side effects. Colloidal silver is, therefore, in any trip to the pharmacy.

Application of Colloidal silver

The external use of Colloidal silver is possible without restrictions – as a pure Colloidal silver in liquid form or as a silver-skin cream. The application of Colloidal silver several times a day in smaller cuts, lacerations, burns, abrasions and many other injuries.

In the case of infections with Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium that is already resistant to many antibiotics and particularly to contagious skin diseases, helps wonders true the application of Colloidal silver often, and experience has shown that within a short time. First improvements of the state were already observed after 30 minutes.

However, if you have a life threatening injury, then nothing like going to the emergency room: Because if the school physician of a good can, then it is the treatment of larger injuries and wounds. For insect bites and minor injuries is Colloidal silver Pets – a wonderful First-aid measure.

The internal use of Colloidal silver should sparingly be done. For example, if the flu is in circulation, and you can catch a cold after the other, and these increases may already be up to the inflammation of the sinuses, can cause the Colloidal silver to the nightmare that awaited the end.

Should you inhale Colloidal silver?

Especially in the Flu seasons, when many people suffer from respiratory problems and looking for effective home remedies are, to be able to finally breathe freely, it is occasionally recommended to inhale Colloidal silver.

In this case, the Colloidal silver with an ultrasonic inhaled inhaler as a vapor. A steam inhaler is not suitable, because the silver may not be heated. When Inhaled, the substance passes directly into the upper respiratory tract, then into the lungs and from there into the blood stream. As there are for Inhalation using Colloidal silver even no testing, is for the time being, not recommended.

In real emergency situations, however, for example, if one looks during a global pandemic due to a bacterial lung infection, and death in the eye, would not the Inhalation of colloidal silver, a rethinking of values, possibility – especially if other medications are unavailable or, possibly, remained ineffectual.

Do not forget: most of The victims of the so-called “swine flu” died of a bacterial lung infection and not the flu itself. The most conventional hospitals would have in the case of a pandemic, virtually no capacity for the treatment of severe infections. Since it would be actually extremely beneficial if you would like to make Colloidal silver at home in the closet.

Daily application of Colloidal silver possible?

There is no reason for a daily application of Colloidal silver. In the case of colloidal silver, it is what relates to the internal application – to provide a means for emergencies, the one uses, if the immune system is obviously overwhelmed, such as in times of Flu and, in severe infections or health problems in the holidays. It is a food Supplement for daily intake. Purely prophylactically, Colloidal silver should not be taken.

Colloidal silver is safe?

Since Colloidal silver cannot be patented, the pharmaceutical companies are not interested, that Doctors know about its positive impact. Instead, the Colloidal silver is attacked by scary to be disseminated at the end of stories, for example, via the so-called Argyria. The Argyria is a phenomenon in which people, the silver salts on a regular basis or in high doses, receipts, a binding-gray discoloration of the skin have suffered.

Colloidal silver is neither a silver salt, take it in high doses and not regularly. For this reason, nowadays there are many Colloidal silver users, but anyone with Argyria.

Yes, in reality, it is almost impossible to take a lot of colloidal silver. You should have a day for 20 doses of Colloidal silver (1 TSP of 10 ppm Colloidal silver contains about 50 micrograms of silver), in order to achieve the identified as critical limit of the EPA (US-authority for the protection of the environment and human health).

This limit is just over 1 milligram per day. From which amount, however, a Argyria develops, we know not exactly. Apparently, it takes some grams of silver, so, in turn, is an unattainable multiples of that amount with Colloidal silver. Very important is here also that only the silver can lead to problems, which is stored in the body. Colloidal silver is excreted after it has worked well with the urine or stool, and all the more, is to drink more water throughout the day.


Colloidal silver should be in every home pharmacy and also in any trip to the pharmacy. Externally, it is limitless, can be used for the disinfection of a breakout, for the treatment of foot fungus, burns, shingles, Herpes, Itching, hemostasis in the case of neurodermatitis or for the treatment of streptococcal/staphylococcal infections of the skin. Internally, you apply the Colloidal silver, then, if the complaints of overloading the immune system, obviously, and the body short-term support is needed.

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