Chris Hemsworth's Outdoor Dumbbell Circuit Is No Walk in the Park

Chris Hemsworth is known for many things—one of which is being ridiculously good looking. (Give the man credit for his sense of humor.) And while good genes and a chiseled jawline don’t hurt your chances of becoming an internationally famous male model and movie star, if you’re going to play a Norse god, you need the physique of one.

Last week, the 36-year-old Hemsworth shared part of the workout that keeps him in hammer-wielding Thor shape. In the new Instagram video, he appears shirtless on a soccer field, glistening with sweat and squatting over a pair of dumbbells.

The actor starts by ripping through a set of bent-over rows, then transitions into suitcase deadlifts. He carries the weights to another pair of dumbbells a short distance away—which is an exercise on its own—then trades out the first pair and knocking out a set of curls to presses. Then he ditches the dumbbells and runs across the field, perhaps to greet a friendly quokka.

If his workout sounds like something you’d like to try, Hemsworth notes that you should give this circuit a go six times through—though you can probably do the routine in a gym instead of outdoors in weather so hot it’ll burn off your shirt. Make sure to take time to rest between sets so you can give your best effort each round, too.

If you’re content to just watch him do all of the work, though, Hemsworth has posted plenty of workout videos on his Instagram, including this one of him working out to Edvard Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”

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