CBD Oil Turned Out As A Savior For Melissa McCarthy

There’s no question that heels can add the perfect glam to your party look but if they are to be worn for long, it feels like your feet are getting crushed inside them. Nevertheless, it seems like our very own Molly aka Melissa McCarthy from Mike & Molly has found an ideal solution to beat the pain that comes along with those glitzy shoes. Her secret savior is CBD oil where CBD means cannabidiol which is extracted from the hemp plant.

The oil is currently a hit as it helps in managing pain, it worked for Melissa at least! (we guess that by looking at her happy pictures) The award-winning actress who looked absolutely radiant at the Oscars coated her feet with CBD oil before joining the red carpet.

Studies say that CBD acts as a reliever in case of arthritis, nerve pain, and muscle cramps. However, there are mixed opinions of clinical researchers some of whom say that the oil is not a pain reliever and works rather as a catalyst in enhancing the effect of medications. Some experts also claim that there is a slight possibility that a placebo effect can make this oil work (placebo effect means your mere belief can actually make something work). There are options available for CBD creams and oils prepared with coconut or emu oil which have better penetration capacity as compared to olive oil.

Whatever be the fact, this oil must be having some magical pain-relieving formula and probably that is the reason many stylists used it on celebrities’ feet before completing their look with putting on those sky-high heels at the Oscars red carpet. So, maybe next time when you feel reluctant to put on your best heels due to fear of pain – try doing it the Melissa way!




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