Care for your Penis properly?

Actually, it is not at all difficult to maintain the Penis properly. Supposedly, this does exactly but every second man in Germany is wrong. There are two extremes: Some men wash their Penis every day and also the underwear is not changed every day. Thus, pathogens have an easy game. Others want to make it with Hygiene especially good and destroy the sensitive skin flora with harsh Soaps.

Be marketed in addition to lotions with special ingredients, for example vitamins. “This is nonsense and not necessary”, says private lecturer Dr. Tobias Jäger. He is a urologist and andrologist, and the Executive Board of the German society for men and health. He also runs the Blog he writes about topics related to men’s health. “A pH-neutral soap or a washing lotion for the Penis sufficient.”

The decisive factor is the area under the foreskin is

It is especially important for men to clean the area under the foreskin. Also, however, no harsh Soaps should be used. The area under the foreskin is sensitive, therefore, you should use only mild products. Otherwise, it may happen that you damage the natural protective acid mantle of the skin and pathogen infections have an easy game. (Read here, what time is circumcision is a good idea).

How intensive you should pay attention to penis hygiene?

Please don’t overdo it! It is not necessary, for example, to wash the Penis after using the toilet. “In principle, it is sufficient to clean the Penis and, in particular, the area under the foreskin once a day,” says the expert. At least every two days men should push in any case, the foreskin gently back and the glans and the foreskin to wash. If this happens cloth with water or a detergent, is irrelevant.

Smegma increases in the long term, the risk for penis cancer

It is important to remove the Smegma. If this is not the glans penis, men have a long-term increased risk for cancer of the penis. Although developed only one of approximately 100,000 men penis cancer, but it is a form of cancer that is difficult to treat.

“With proper Hygiene-men can reduce their risk significantly,” says hunter. Circumcised men are at an advantage – you can collect no Smegma under the foreskin. “Therefore, one should not speak but a lump sum, the recommendation to circumcise all the men,” says hunter. Complications from a circumcision are rare, but every now and again.

Shaving does not improve penile hygiene

A shave does not improve penile hygiene, by the way, even if a lot of men have subjective this impression. On the contrary, it can lead to injuries and this can increase the risk that pathogens penetrate the skin. “I see it time and again in the case of genital warts,” says hunter. If someone cuts themselves while shaving can spread warts over the leaking blood – and fast-the entire genital area is affected. “In particular, a man who already has genital warts, should be in the shave to be particularly careful,” said the expert.

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