Cannabis on prescription: demand is increasing

For the past two years, patients of your doctor are able to obtain Cannabis on prescription. The number of prescriptions has risen since then, significantly: Alone, in 2018, Physicians were over 95,000 recipes. That is more than three Times as many regulations than in the year 2017.

Since March of 2017, Doctors can prescribe to their patients, under certain conditions, the medical Cannabis insurance ( reported). In the nearly ten months, from March to the end of the year 2017, the pharmacies were charging about 27,000 recipes with around 44,000 tax units Cannabis-containing preparations to the detriment of the Statutory health insurance (GKV). In the year 2018, the Numbers have increased significantly: According to the German drug testing Institute (DAPI) supplying pharmacies in the past year, around 95,000 recipes with more than 145,000 levy units. In addition, some 53.300 Cannabis-containing finished drug products. Here, too, a marked increase: in 2017, there were around 39.500 packs.

"Our data suggest that, today, significantly more patients are treated with Cannabis than before the entry into force of the law in front of two Jahren«, the DAPI-Chairman of the Board Andreas Kiefer says. In this respect, had improved the care of patients. Information on the number of Patients or the total weight of the dispensed cannabis flowers are on the basis of the DAPI-Pay, however, as to private recipes. It could not exactly say whether, in the meantime, all patients who could benefit from medical Cannabis, and have actually access to it, pine.


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