ALERT: Everlane Now Sells Sneakers And You’ll Want One In Every Color

  • On April 25, Everland launched a new sneaker brand called ‘Tread by Everlane.’
  • The sneakers cost $98, come in seven colors, and are unisex.
  • Everlane made these leather sneakers as sustainable as possible, by working with a ‘clean tannery’ and third party groups.

Everlane is a clothing brand known for making incredible, high-quality, and comfy basics. They’ve got your staple jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, bags—basically anything you need for a solid wardrobe. The only thing that’s been missing: sneakers. That is, until today, because Everlane just launched their first sneaker line called ‘Tread by Everlane.’

The trendy leather sneakers come in seven different colors, including neutrals like gray, white, and black, along with fun pink and yellow hues. The sneakers are totally unisex, available in men’s sizes 7–13 and women’s sizes 5–12. What’s more, these ring in at a pretty sweet price tag: just $98 for a pair.

And like the rest of the brand’s clothing and accessories, these shoes are designed to last.

According to their press release, Everlane devotees have been asking “When are you going to launch a sneaker?” for years. But the brand didn’t want to release just any sneaker, they wanted to create something as sustainable as it is stylish. Their solution: the Tread, which is made from leather produced in the “world’s cleanest tannery.”

The brand claims it’s the “lowest impact” shoe of its kind, using less waste, less energy, 54 percent less virgin plastic. And for any waste they couldn’t eliminate on their own, Everlane teamed up with two third-party firms to “measure the Trainer’s carbon footprint and offset 100% of those emissions,” reads the press release.

So if you’re in the market for a durable, fashionable shoe that’s also good for the Earth, Everlane has you covered.

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