Six months ago today, the first German Corona-the case was known. The employees of the automotive supplier Webasto remained since then in the Public domain. Now he logs on to the word and tells how he has in recent months experienced.

27. January 2020, the first Corona-the case in Germany, it was known. An employee of Bavarian automotive suppliers, Webasto, is in the case of a Chinese colleague to. Now, six months later, has recovered to the father of a family completely.

A week before his infection, he had to be a one-hour Meeting, with a colleague from China was present. "We have given the Hand. Then I sat next to her and drank Kaffee", he recalls in an Interview, the Webasto in-house and now has published. With the outbreak of the epidemic in China, the staff had had up to then hardly busy.

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1. Covid-19-Patient in Germany: First of all, he thought of his family

All the more surprised he was contacted him a week later his supervisor to put him on notice that the colleague from China has been tested positive for Sars-CoV-2. "I immediately thought of my family. At the weekend I had a fever and chills, but no Atembeschwerden", the Webasto-employees told more. "Nevertheless, I was concerned immediately to my pregnant wife and my little daughter. I knew that I must be immediately tested for the Virus."

Although there was still no official information about how you should look after the contact with an infected Person and behaviour, took the employee, who asked to remain anonymous, immediately the Initiative and turned to his family doctor. The referred him to the Munich tropical Institute, where he has yet to be tested on the same day.

After the testing he was sent home to wait for the result of &quot:;This Monday evening I gave for the first Time, my daughter Good-night kiss, and was even at a distance, to my wife."

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  • On the same day, the result came and then the 19-day Isolation

    Shortly after 20 o’clock I rang the doorbell and the telephone: The Test was positive. "I was told that I should go immediately to the schwabinger hospital to a certain building and to a particular Station. I was supposed to report to the front Desk, but directly on the terrain, and you would warten&quot on me;…, the former Corona-Patient explains. 19 days he spent there, although his symptoms had subsided to a slight case of diarrhea on the day of the recording.

    From loneliness to distract, and because he does his Job very much, he also worked in the hospital. Before he was allowed to compete after his release back to work, he must, however, meet the strict requirements of the Department of health, to "the last dead Virus-DNA" his body was excreted.

    Webasto employees has hardly put someone

    Relieved he had been when he learned that he had only put a further colleagues. Also was treated in the schwabinger hospital, he also Covid-19 had broken out only slightly. Friends and family have the first German-Corona-Infected, also not plugged in – to his own astonishment: "This is for me not understandable, as I had a full week, subconsciously this Virus in me, and I was normal with my family and friends." All had been tested two Times, and both times have been negative.

    I’ve had it since April antibodies.

    Today, six months after the announcement of his infection, be it the employees "bestens". He is physically fully recovered and suffer the consequences of not late.

    However, he says: "Since April, I have no neutralizing antibodies." What this means for immunity against Sars-CoV-2, in addition to scientists will discuss currently. It is but at the moment, that nevertheless a certain amount of protection is, and by so-called memory cells.

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