The number one sex position in Britain has been revealed — is it yours?

There’s the snow angel, the space hopper and the praying mantis.

But forget the kama Sutra, when it comes to sex it turns out Brits are actually a rather under adventurous lot.

A new poll shows that the nation’s favourite sexual position is good old missionary.

The no frills position, was the most popular among 29 percent of the population. 

But coming closely behind it, no pun intended, was doggy style with 27 percent of the those polled claiming it was their favourite way to get their rocks off. 

In third place was girl on top – aka cowgirl – with 19 percent. 

The survey, commissioned by Paddy Power, spoke to over 2,000 brits about their sex lives this month. 

According to sex expert Annabelle Knight, many couples love missionary position because it requires plenty of skin-to-skin contact.

Not only can this feel quite romantic, it also provides the opportunity to make the most of friction.

And although it is not always the best position for clitoral stiumlation, she suggests coital alignment technique (CAT) for those who need a bit of extra help to reach climax.

But while we may be a vanilla nation in the position stakes, things seem a bit spicier when it comes to where we’re willing to get down and dirty. 

A frisky 51 percent admitted to doing it in the kitchen, with a further 47 percent ‘fessing up to having sex in their cars and a shocking 14 percent claiming to have even done it in the workplace.

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