Olympia Valance Shares Her Skincare Routine

When Olympia Valance graced our cover back in February, we got the full lowdown on the 27-year-old’s fitness routine and approach to nutrition.

And while her focus on strength training and high protein meals certainly contributes to her radiant complexion, Valance says her skin has taken a bit of a hit during isolation.

“I haven’t been as active, and I’ve been indulging in a few more glasses of red wine than I probably should,” she told Women’s Health.

For the most part, Valance describes herself as ‘lucky’ skin-wise, “I’ve always had combination skin but I’ve never been super prone to acne and breakouts. Growing up, my Mum was always my beacon, so she taught me the importance of excellent skincare from a young age.”

It was also her mum who gave Valance the advice she stands by today; the first being that skincare starts from within, and the second that it should be treated as a form of self-care.

Facial massage is one such practice Valance has taken to during isolation; “Goop posted a really great article about a DIY facial massage that you do while wearing a face mask – it’s a very simple step-by-step and honestly I could visibly see a difference! I was less puffy around my eyes and I felt like my cheekbones were a little more prominent too.” 

She also recommends following a gua sha tutorial posted to facialist Melanie Grant’s Instagram, “anything relating to lymphatic drainage is basically magic for your face,” she says. 

And when it comes to seeing a professional, Valance swears by Sante By Simone in Melbourne.

As for at-home skincare, when doing it properly, Valance will start her evening routine with a bath, “for equal parts relaxation and also to utilise the steam to open up my pores before I begin any sort of cleansing.”

Even if she hasn’t worn makeup in the day, Valance will then follow with a cleanse, “in order to properly remove all the grime and natural oil build-up from the day”.

Her current go-to is Neutrogena’s Bright Boost Micro Face Polish ($19.99 at priceline.com.au) – “it’s full of AHAs which are a bloody godsend in the exfoliating world and the mini scrubbing beads (obviously this is not the scientific term but go with me here) throughout it really help to buff away dead skin cells and any other dirt or  impurities which can lead to congestion.”

Following her cleanse, Valance will follow up Neutrogena’s Bright Boost Illuminating Serum ($34.99 at priceline.com.au) and then mix together a hybrid of oil and face cream for a boost of hydration. 

Her favourites are Go-To’s Face Hero ($45 at mecca.com.au) or Drunk Elephant’s Virgin Marula Oil ($115 at mecca.com.au), combined with Neutrogena’s Bright Boost Gel Cream ($29.99 at priceline.com.au).

Aside from having more time to focus on her skin, Valance says the time she’s gained from the COVID-19 pandemic has also ‘forced her to slow down’. “My preference is to be very busy, which this has been the exact opposite of,” she says. “I definitely feel more present now. And grateful for everything I have. It was a gift of time to truly realise that I think.”

To stay grounded each day, Valance says she loves to start her morning “with a walk, preferably as the sun is rising.”

“I’m not really into meditating, but I do practice breath work out in the fresh air, taking long deep breaths into my belly, which helps to centre myself and set a peaceful, calm intention for the day.”

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