Hyalomma: tropical tick spreads

The tropical tick Hyalomma that can transmit, among other things, stain fever, is in Germany on the rise: This year were found in 50 copies, in 2018, there were a total of 35. Experts believe that the ticks have wintered in Germany. Now, there is a first typhus case of suspicion.

At the end of July, a horse owner from a Hyalomma was razor-tick and fell ill a few days later of typical typhus symptoms. To pain these include fever, headache, muscle and joint, a feeling of burning and a characteristic skin rash that gave the disease the name. In the tick, which had been sent to study at the University of Hohenheim, has been demonstrated, the typhus pathogen Rickettsia aeschlimannii. In the case of the man, proof was not possible, because he was immediately treated with antibiotics.

The Parasitology login Prof. Dr. Ute Mackenstedt, University of Hohenheim, concludes from the case: "So we know now not only ensure that the Hyalomma tick also goes to people, but it is also the urgent suspicion, that here in Germany there is a Transmission of Tick typhus by the animals is actually possible unfortunately." Hyalomma ticks are originally from Africa, Asia and southern Europe and can be transmitted in addition to typhus fever, two dangerous viruses, the hemorrhagic fever can trigger. They are much larger than the normal local wood tick, and suck in large animals, for example horses. Striking their striped legs. For those who discover a tick, should you pliers as a local tick for tick, tick card, or a pair of tweezers to remove and send it for research purposes in a small, sealed container to Prof. Dr. Ute Mackenstedt, University of Hohenheim, Department of Parasitology, Emil-Wolff-Straße 34, 70599 Stuttgart, Germany.


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