Diabetes: sugar not for inflammation

So far, it is suspected that glucose chronic inflammation causes certain immune cells and contributes to complications in type 2 Diabtets. Probably you have suspected you to be wrong: New research by the University of Kentucky show that there are changes in the lipid metabolism of the mitochondria, the "Kraftwerken" the cells that lead to chronic inflammation.

Actually, the scientists led by Barbara Nikolajczyk from the Barnstable Brown Diabetes Centre in Kentucky and Douglas lauffen Berger of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge wanted to disprove the theory of glucose as anti cause. Rather, they had hypothesized that immune cells from patients with type 2 Diabetes would produce by Burning of glucose for energy. "We have geirrt", noted Nikolajczyk.

The Team was surprised that the provision of energy caused from glucose, no chronic inflammation. Instead, the researchers observed that the mitochondria provide for the cell’s energy, fatty acids in type 2 diabetic patients different process than in Healthy. The resulting metabolic products, promote the chronic inflammation.

These new data could contribute to a better understanding of the disease mechanism in type 2 Diabetes. "A strict blood glucose control to reduce the risk for diabetic complications for decades, the goal of most people with type 2 Diabetes. Our data provide an explanation for why the disease progression in spite of good glucose control kann", explained Nikolajczyk.

Chronic inflammation occur in connection with obesity and type 2 Diabetes and cause many complications, such as cardiovascular or kidney disease. The causes of this inflammation are not yet enlightened, but is still sufficient.