Cannabis in pregnancy is dangerous

Woman doctors warn against Smoking during pregnancy marijuana. There are very clear indications that this will change the way the child’s brain permanently, so the professional Association of women doctors. In addition, a new study from Canada shows that it comes to births among cannabis use, more in the morning.

“Since the brain of the unborn baby is developing from day to day, not Cannabis, just like alcohol just as drug, but as a poison,” explains Association President Dr. Christian Albring. There is very strong evidence that the functioning of the child’s brain is altered permanently, if the mother consumed during pregnancy Cannabis – regardless of the nicotine and other toxins that Smoking the marijuana with inhaled. “The changes of the brain in a large study from the Netherlands, even in the case of six-year-old children in the MRI find,” says Albring.

Last week, a large new study from Canada also showed that the preterm Rate among Cannabis-Smoking was twice as high as in Non-Users (12 versus 6 percent). Of the 661.617 evaluated pregnancies were reported in a contribution of 9.427 cases, the mothers (1.4 percent) to have during the pregnancy of the Cannabis consumed.

"In many cases, Cannabis is considered a harmless drug, is to be feared why is it that Pregnant women often smoked hashish, because they do not think that the harm the Baby. But this is falsch", Albring said. According to the recently of the European monitoring centre for drugs and drug addiction (EMCDDA) published the European drug report, 11 percent of all women consume in a single year between the ages of 18 and 34 years of Cannabis. How many stopped Smoking the hashish, if you were pregnant, was unknown.