Video of surgeons removing a SIX FOOT-long worm from man’s intestine

Stomach-churning footage shows surgeons removing a SIX FOOT long tapeworm from Indian man’s intestine ‘after he complained of stomach pain’

  • The man, known as Viren in local reports, had been in pain for two weeks
  • Doctors found something crawling in his insides in medical examination
  • They believe it was caused by consumption of contaminated pork 

A gruesome video shows surgeons removing a six foot-long tapeworm from an Indian man’s stomach.

The man, named only as Viren, went to hospital after suffering stomach pain for 15 days, according to local reports.

When medics in the northern state of Haryana examined Viren, they discovered something crawling in his insides.

A doctor reportedly told local media Viren was likely to have ingested the worm after eating contaminated or uncooked pork. 

The video shows medics in the northern state of Haryana examined Viren 

A gruesome video shows surgeons removing a six foot-long tapeworm from an Indian man’s stomach (pictured)

Viren, from Jind in Haryana, was admitted to Jaipur Hospital with a stomach ache and fever, according to local media.

The video shows Viren, who is visibly in pain, talking to doctors in a consultation room. 

He struggles to walk due to the pain he is in, and is supported by several people who appear to be friends and family.

Reports say after surgery, the worm was measured to be around six feet-long, pulled out by surgeons along with intestinal gunk. 

Dr DS Pawar, a surgeon at Jaipur Hospital who is thought to have treated Viren, said: ‘The insect belongs to the family of worms called Taeniidae.’

The scientific name of the worm is Taenia solium, which has a flat, ribbon-like body. 

Dr Pawar said the worm may have got into the patient’s body via the consumption of pork meat – the main source.

Viren is in visible pain, helped by who appear to be family and friends 

Viren, pictured walking in hospital, had fever as well as stomach pains

The pork would have contained tapeworm larvae, which developed inside the body to become an adult worm. 

Dr Pawar said: ‘The insect was found inside the patient and was removed after an operation.’ 

Intestinal infections caused by adult tapeworms is most common in developing areas of countries, including Asia and Latin America. 

The man was lucky considering adult tapeworms of this kind can reach 23-feet in length, reside in the body for years and cause severe symptoms including epilepsy, according to the World Health Organization.


Surgeons at Jaipur Hospital who treated the man said the worm removed from the man was a species called Taenia solium.

A Taenia solium infection, taeniasis, happens after eating tapeworm eggs in contaminated or uncooked pork. 

After a person eats pork containing cysticeri (the larvae), the eggs mature into adults in around two months.

This can happen in various organs of the human body, as well as the muscles, skin, eyes and the central nervous system.

Adult tapeworms may reside in the small bowel for years, reaching two (6.5 feet) to seven metres (23 feet) in length. 

Abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhoea or constipation may arise when the tapeworms become fully developed in the intestine. 

When the larvae enter the central nervous system they can cause neurological symptoms, including epileptic seizures. 

T. solium is the cause of 30 per cent of epilepsy cases in many endemic areas, according to the World Health Organization.

These symptoms may continue until the tapeworm dies following treatment, otherwise the worm may reside in the body for years. 

T. solium is found worldwide but is mostly found in countries which eat a lot of pork, such as Asia.   

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