Cheap cooking: With these tips, you’ll be saving in the kitchen

Enjoyment for little money: A delicious meal doesn’t have to be always expensive. If you pay attention in the kitchen and when shopping some tips on you can prepare in the future, cheap and delicious cooking without having to grab deep into the pocket.

Cheap and at the same time to cook delicious dishes – it’s not that hard at all. FOCUS Online shows you simple cooking and shopping tricks that will save you the cooking and shopping money.

You buy a stock

In order to conserve the wallet, you should buy certain foods on stock. Are pasta, rice, or Oil in the offer, is it worth it to buy larger quantities. So you save money and always have Cabinet durable Basics in stock.

You Appreciate Your Food Needs

Sense make stock purchases, but only if you consume the food in a timely manner. They tend to be spoiled leftovers to throw away? In the cooking boxes from Hello Fresh you can find fresh and high quality ingredients, which are already vorportioniert for delicious recipes. So they throw away no food more and learn to know new dishes.


With the exclusive FOCUS Online vouchers, you also save in the right: On the first two Hello Fresh cooking boxes, you will receive a 30 percent discount. You can put your boxes together, or let them surprise you. You’ll also find free recipes.

You plan your meals you want to cook

In the case of a cheap food shopping is also a good planning plays an important role. You consider a few days in Advance which dishes you want to prepare in the coming week and when you prefer something to place an order.

So you can tailor your meals to each other. At Lieferando, you can find dishes from nearby Restaurants at no extra charge. You can also collect loyalty points, and so when placing your order five Euro save.

You buy cheap food

In many supermarkets you will find in addition to expensive brand-name products and the products of its private brands. These are much cheaper, often the same product in it’s even. You the time for grocery Shopping is missing? From a minimum order value of 40 Euro the supermarket REWE delivers your purchases to your home. Select online from a selection of about 9000 articles.

Fresh products such as vegetables and fruit, beverages, or drugstore products, the Service provides you with directly in front of the front door. The delivery charge varies depending on the basket value of between 0.00 and € 5.90. Also, providers such as Amazon Fresh and AllYouNeed fresh offer such a delivery service.